January 7, 2018      Last year in review: On January 1, 2017 we started a new church in South Jakarta, Gereja Baptist Independent Indonesia (GBII) Simply Jesus. We have a nice facility with good parking, great security and easy access. As this was a totally new church plant, the church started with just Janice and myself. On the first Sunday of January 2017, we had eight.... more.   May 18, 2017..... Actually, I planned to write this letter two weeks ago, but death intervened. Two weeks ago Pastor Munjait passed away. Since suffering a stroke seven years ago, Pastor Munjait has struggled with his health. As it was difficult for him to carry on an active ministry, most of his folks drifted away. Yet, he never gave up. more.  March 2, 2017  Janice and I send you greetings from Jakarta. When I sent out our last prayer letter we were asking you to pray that we could get a venue to open a new church. One day after that letter was sent, the Lord gave us a meeting place. Hm .. let's get some news and prayer requests out so you folks can be more involved in the ministry here in Indonesia.  more. December 7, 2016  Janice and I send you greetings from Jakarta. The last couple of months have been interesting months both for our ministry and the country of Indonesia. Let me tell you the news and encourage you to pray for our ministry here in Indonesia. Over the past few weeks Jakarta has experienced much social unrest... more. September 26, 2016 Janice and I send you greetings from Jakarta. We especially appreciate your prayers for the ministry here in Indonesia as we are going through a time of transition in our ministry here. The hardest part of this transition is simply waiting on the Lord. There are three aspects that we would ask you to pray for as we make this ministry transition.. more. August 12, 2016 Janice and I send you greetings from Jakarta. Over the last couple of months a lot has happened in our ministry here in Indonesia........During the second week of July, I took off for a twelve day visit to Nias. I spent time with most of the pastors in South Nias. I rode on the back of motorcycles to villages on top of mountains, trudged across rain swollen rivers, shivered in tropical downpours, bathed in the rivers, slept in the homes of the pastors, preached sermons until I was hoarse, and greatly enjoyed the fellowship with the pastors. Yet, by the end of my trip, it was obvious to me that my presence among the Nias pastors was   more June 18, 2016 Janice and I send greetings from Jakarta. After a good trip to the States, Janice and i arrived back in Jakarta the last of April. I arrived back in Jakarta to find a long list of matters that need my attention. However, my biggest problem is my priorities.  more... March 22, 2016  Janice and I send you greetings from Braintree, Massachusetts. Janice and I have been traveling since early in January. Our journeys have taken us from newly planted churches in Indonesia to churches that have supported our ministry since 1972. During these travels several important matters have been encountered that we wish to share with you folks.  more... December 18, 2015  Janice and I send you Christmas greetings from Jakarta. This Christmas season finds Janice and I close to home. We will not be spending Christmas with churches on outlying islands as we have done the last few years. We are spending Christmas with our churches here in Jakarta. Although we are busy with Christmas services, we are also praying and thinking about the future direction of our ministry here in Indonesia.  more... indexletter 5.25                   © 2011-18    Tom Crawford Ministries                                                                bbfi-asia.org/crawford_t/