aboutus 4.28                    © 2011    Tom Crawford Ministries                                                                      bbfi-asia.org/crawford_t/ Tom and Janice Crawford were approved as Baptist Bible  Fellowship missionaries to Indonesia in February 1972. Tom  and Janice are both 1967 graduates of Southern Colorado  State College in Pueblo, Colorado. Tom also graduated from  the missions course of Baptist Bible College, Springfield,  Missouri, in 1970, and Janice graduated from the missions  course of BBC in 1971. They served their internship at the  Great Hope Baptist Church in Chesapeake, Virginia, where  Tom was ordained in 1971. The Crawfords have three  daughters and one son. Their daughter, Janelle (Swann), and  her husband, Steve, are missionaries with the BBF in Bulgaria.  Birthdays:   Tom -  Aug 19   Janice   -  Jun 28 Wedding Anniversary:   Mar 19 Approval Date:   Feb, 1972   Sending Church   Great Hope Baptist Church   Chesapeake,VA   (757)482-1177