L.D. Woosley Bethany Colleges

Began classes 1999

Dedicated new classroom and administration building Sept 1, 1999

Named in honor of 

Missionary L. D. Woosley, 

who served the church from 1954 to 1990 at it's inception till his death. 

Recognized by the Department of Higher Education of the Philippines. 

The objective of the College:

1. To provide a general Christian higher education in a Christian environment that is Biblical in ethically, philosophically and professionally consistent with a Biblical World view. 

Specific programs presently in place or or immediate preparation:

Bachelors in Ministry (Concentration in Missions) 

Bachelors in Education

Bachelors in Communications

Planned for near future:

Upgrade program for undergraduates to full bachelor's degree status.

Extension and internet studies. 

Contact the Registrar for details: