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Dear Friends,



 We hosted 1,250 delegates at the National Student Convention as they participated in all manner of platform, academic, sports and artistic competitions. 72 high schools from over 350 that we work with came to join this year’s activity. Hundreds made decisions to serve the Lord. From this group we pray the Lord will call missionaries and full time servants into the Harvest Field. These young people are dedicated to His will in their lives 24/7.


 We began to pray for the Lord to open doors so that we could expand our school ministry and also have room to start a new work in an area north of us in Metro Manila toward the airport. We were directed to a school site that was formerly the Manila Japanese School. It is on 4 acres of property and contains 36 classrooms with facilities that would make us a “world class” school. God opened the doors for negotiations and soon we found that things were happening beyond our imagination.



 We flew to Hong Kong and Macau to visit schools there and found that there were open doors for many “village school” buildings to be converted to Christian Schools. These buildings are abandoned as larger schools are built by the Hong Kong government. But culture says, “Once a school— Always a school!” The same facilities can be used for Bible Study on weekends. We are praying for people who will catch the vision!



 We arrived back with a terrible case of the flu. We were watched closely for three weeks, the doctor thinking we might have SARS since we just came back from Hong Kong. Thank the Lord it was not! But it put us down for almost 3 weeks!



 Finally we began to feel better, just in time for the closing of the Lease and Option to Purchase signing for the new School Site. Over 900 homes are in the area and people are already asking when we will start Bible Studies.  We anticipate over 300 K-12 students being a part of this ministry. In addition we are expanding the Home School ministry. Already there are over 500 homes we are reaching. We are praying for over 1000 by the end of this year.


We need your prayers and support as this ministry grows and we see the Lord open doors. This facility is going to take a large endeavor to bring it up to shape. But we know that the Lord is the One who gave it to us and He will provide.


 Thanks again for your continued prayers and support. You make it possible for us to expand this ministry and see souls saved.  29 came to know the Lord in the Vacation Bible School conducted last month. One soul is worth it ALL!


Yours in His Service,


 Del and Lora Hooge

Missionaries since 1967

May, 2003