Del and Lora Hooge grew up in missionary families in the Philippines. Going back home in 1967, they began a wonderful ministry that God has blessed over the years.

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Delbert and Lora Hooge have three children, all born in the Philippines. They finished their highschool there and have now married and settled in the USA.

They have 8 grandchildren and are thankful for the blessings the Lord has given them as a family.

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Their Families

Baptist Bible Fellowship

P.O. Box 191

Springfield, MO

U.S.A. 65801-0191

U.S. Cell Phone: (417) 860 8055

Field Phone: (632) 842-0822

Many changes have come to the Philippines since they first went, but one thing remains the same: People still need to hear of the wonderful saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. For more information, please click here.

Birthdays & Anniversary

Del Hooge - July 27

Lora Hooge - January 2

Wedding - June 5, 1964

Missionaries to the Philippines

Del & Lora Hooge

Sending Church: High Street Baptist Church

Springfield, Missouri

PO Box 156 ATC

Muntinlupa City, Philippines 01799

OUR TWINS Anna Marie and Sophia Elizabeth